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Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…but this doesn’t make sense.

Now please correct me here if I’m wrong…female models are aimed to achieve one thing right? To look stunningly hot in order to prey on the plain old housewife’s insecurities in order to make themselves look more desirable to men. This is not intended as a sexist, chauvinistic view, merely an observation…

Now, where did I put that pitchfork?

So what the hell did I happen to see on TV last night – New Zealand’s Next Top Model. At first it was one of those situations where I wasn’t paying attention but Katie’s scoffing at the young bimbos attempting to sound intelligent and worldly (and missing the mark miserably) had me glance now and again over the top of my latest book. But soon enough it had drawn my full attention, but only in a manner where I wanted to scream and yell at the telly.

Good photo...for promoting rhinoplasty!

Personally I like ‘classical’ beauty – girl next door, a hint of seduction, and a bit of “meat on the bones” so to speak – actually, you can’t beat the hour-glass figure ala Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and my favourite, Jane Russell. But what I saw last night baffled me – apart from one – was a rag-tag bunch of ugos, thin rakes with no class nor personality, as devoid of life as the Gobi Desert. But the comments and raptures from the panel belied what I saw. They couldn’t say enough about their beauty, their command of the camera, their pose and grace…but here’s the catch; these were the comments of a bunch of gay men! OK, they have tastes far beyond my own, but surely they cannot surely comment on what straight men consider to be attractive…can they? I have on more than occasion made passing comments about pretty women, and suggested as much to others with a skinful, but I have never done so about another man, as I have absolutely no idea what a women finds attractive, nor for that case, what another man (read gay) might find attractive. So how can they do so in reverse???

Doesn’t make sense to me…

No Copyright breach intended…


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