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How To Guides…

Hot off the desk, here are some more downloads from the online service that is best translated as “Seriously, you think I have that many issues?”;

How To Overcome Procrastination I’ll get back to you on that one.

How To Eat More Vegetables We’ve evolved to enjoy eating fruit and vegetables, and it’s surely our right to do so! WTF?! My dad had the ideal module – eat it or get a clip around the ear. Simple, but effective…

How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle OK, I was denied access to this one…is this some insider, Stone Mason’s type of secret tip? Either way, no concern. I source my beer and smokes only from free-range growers and brewers, my McDonald’s fact sheets ensure that my burger ingredients come only for the best natural sources, and I always ask those prostitutes I sleep with if they have had a check in the last six months. Done.


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