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Here’s my girl…Joss Stone…

I first ‘fell’ for this singer by chance – her clip for “Fell In Love With A Boy” happened to be on Juice, a channel I don’t think I have ever watched before or since, and the first thing that grabs you is her incredible voice. There is only one other voice that makes my spine tingle on hearing it, and that was (still is) the late-great Janis Joplin. But then as you may or may not notice, Joss is also the kind of girl you would not take out with friends so as not to make other girls seem not worthy…easy on the eye, yeah, I guess.

There are two concerts (and I have been to a lot) that sit atop my most enjoyable (and no, Deep Purple is not one of them!) – Roger Waters’ and Joss Stone’s.

I await with anticipation for her to come down-under again (Soon? Please Joss?) but just as good, for now, is her up and coming new album, LP1, her fifth studio cut. More so than that, she has also been named in the line-up of Mick Jagger’s new ‘supergroup’, featuring Mick himself, Damian Marley (Bob’s youngest), AR Rahman (producer) and Dave Stewart from Eurythmics (one of the most under-rated guitarists around). YAY!

Anyways, I have included a couple of clips for those too busy listening to rubbish such as Lady Gogo (or whatever her name is) and the such…pure class.


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