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Smooth or Crunchy?

I remember a time when it wasn’t fashinable to have Peanut Butter sandwiches at school. Some kids used to say you were eating poohs in your sammies (they used to call spaghetti ones worms, highly original we were at my school), but to me, I didn’t care as I loved, and still do love Peanut Butter.

In my house we all eat it, although we sometimes disagree on a few things about it, brand being a biggie; Katie is a Kraft eater. Me, I’m not overly fussed but the Sanitarium we got recently hasn’t impressed. The kids, they don’t give a shit, as long as they can have it, and poor Renee has conniptions those mornings when I put it in Deanna’s lunch but not hers – she isn’t allowed to have peanuts at her pre-school. Poor thing.

But the question isn’t around brand, more around the style, or consistency if you will;

Yum, yum, yummy…

Are you a Crunchy sort of guy (or gal, we allow all types here), or Smooth?

What does the author like? It depends on what I am eating at the time. In the morning, on toast I prefer crunchy (unless it is with jam as well, then smooth), and on sandwiches during the day, smooth.

But again, no biggie, as long as there is some in the cupboard!

As an aside, my older brother used to dip celery sticks into Peanut Butter. Cannot remember if it was Crunchy or Smooth though…

Gee, you better hope that your nappy has exploded, cos if that's my Peanut Butter everywhere...


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