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What Drives You? Music in the car…

I was going to work the other day and was playing the music on my iPhone (which Bluetooths to my Motorola T505, which then in turned sent it to my car stereo via an FM Frequency – but that’s another story) and suddenly I felt like a completely different person. Let me explain…

The wagon, family music.

I have two cars at present, a VX Commodore wagon and an NA Fairlane, both lowered and tinted, but only subtly. The wagon serves a purpose by allowing the whole fam-damily including the dogs to go somewhere for the day, but there is no reason why a family car can’t look cool, but the Fairlane commands some respect – I call it  The Cruzer,although some passengers have uttered The Beast on occasion (or is it me they’re referring to?).

So this particular morning on the way to work Battle Without Honour (by Tomoyasu Hotel) came on, and the vibe in the car just changed. Suddenly I felt like I was in a Tarantino movie and without thinking about it a few things happened – I dropped the speed to 85 (thus slowing the cars behind me) to ‘cruise’, and wound down the window even though it was barely 10 degrees out. No real explanation for it, it just happened. During that day I tested my theory a few times while driving to see some customers; another Tarantino classic, Misirlou (an old Greek song actually) and suddenly I felt like that most uber-cool of gangsters, Vincent Vega.


The Fairlane - Pimp Mobile?


But then I tried other music; Your Mama Don’t Dance by Poison (No), I’m Your Man by Wham (No!), Crocodile Rock by Elton John (no). It was even interesting to note that Dirty Old Town by the Pogues, Cars by Gary Numan, and even Smoke On The Water by my perennial faves, Deep Purple, didn’t give me the ‘feel’.

Does your car dictate your choice in music? I think so. Since then I ran a few more experiments in both cars and came up with startling results;

  • The Commodore makes me play 80s New-Age music such as Duran Duran, Powerstation, Prince, and even Olivia Newton-John.
  • The Fairlane demands surf music (Breaking Boards, Good Vibrations etc), gangsta (Snoop Dog, Ice-T), gangster (as above with Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill), and classical (Canon in D Major, Symphony No.5, La Donna E Mobile).
  • I was trying to figure out what I listened to on the bike, and it escapes me, so will need to test this when I get a new steed.

What I struggle with however is where my two favourite forms of music fit in; Metal and Blues. And then yesterday, on returning from rugby (in the Fairlane, so not fully tested theory yet) after a few bottles – good old Hard Rock is a mood music, drinking music.

What are your thoughts? And what is your ‘driving song’? And has that changed as your vehicles have?


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