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Memory Clinic…

Driving around CHCH today I passed the Memory Clinic…

Is it me or does one wonder how do people who lose their memory know where to go? Or if they had an appointment there?

Yep, memory loss is fun...

From their site;

Are you losing your glasses? Your car keys? Do I wear glasses???

Forget what you’re looking for when you enter a room? Depends on the room I’m entering…it does get embarrassing when I carry out my sperm donation only to find I was in fact at McDonalds…

Do you forget people’s names? Well, I have woken up next to women at times and wondered who the hell they were…in fact not even sure how they got to be there. Shit, I need to book in!

Are you having trouble finding the word you want to use? Nope. When in doubt, “fuck off” is a great filler.

Do you go to the store for milk, and buy everything but? Yes, many a time I have gone out for milk but have come home with a dozen beers…shit, I need to book in!

Are you having trouble remembering appointments? Yep, every year I ‘forget’ my prostrate check…

Are you unsure if you turned off the gas? Yes! In fact my memory must be gone, I didn’t even think I had gas in my house!

Not so fun memory loss…I was surprised we stayed together 18 months actually…

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