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KFC Double-Down…heart-attack in a wrapper…

If you are carrying extra weight, or sicken easily, or need to change batteries in your pace-maker, best you don’t read on.

Today I treated myself to the new(ish) KFC Double-Down Burger – now I had hoped to be one of the first to do so when it was launched, but Hanmer Springs isn’t known for its fast food outlets so there seemed no real hurry after that. As a Quarter Pounder and Double Whopper (with cheese!) aficionado, I felt it was my duty to try out this calorie-laden morsel. And I must admit, I wasn’t disappointed!

Time saving burger - a weeks worth of meal in five short minutes


It has been openly criticised for its high fat content (somewhere in the region of 40 grams) which is not that much really, not when the Double Whopper (with cheese) weighs in at about 60 grams and their famed triple Whopper (hold me back!) comes in at a staggering 80 grams!! So nothing much to write home about really…but now to my impressions;

So on opening the box I had a minor coronary just looking at the burger! To look at it makes you catch your breath and you can feel your arteries hardening. It is no oil-painting that’s for sure. On eating it, it was divine, in the most disgusting sense of the word. The oil that drips from your fingers and down your chin makes you gag somewhat, but I can’t help but think that was the desired effect. The tangy sauce (sort of mustard thing) was a bit overpowering, and the slice of processed cheese even lacked any real colour. But that’s why we eat it, because its there…and looking around the joint at the time, I could see that plenty were there for the same reason, and looking at their fine physiques, must rent and board there too!

At $8 a pop it isn’t great value in comparison to its ‘competitors’ but would be a cheap form of self euthanasia. I tried to wash it down with a drink and some fries as well, but they seemed to get caught in the backlog of Double-Down trying to make its way to my gut, and as I sit here typing, I think it is still trying!

Worth a looksie for a one-off – just check your insurance policy and have a hand-held defibrillator standing by.


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