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Friday Drinks – Tiger

Less bite than the real thing - which is a good thing.

Now I haven’t drunken (drank? drinked?) this beer since my time in the Navy and spending time up in South East Asia – but when a mate bought some round last night in lieu of a meal, by God the wait was worth it!

This fine Asian specialty, brewed since the 30s, is one of the finest lagers on the market and is so easy to drink (maybe too easy) and complements most foods without distracting from the taste of the meal.

There is a lot of ‘symobolism in the bottle and name itself – I remember being told that the colour (amber) of the bottle limits the ageing of the beer but also in custom indicates quality. Right on that count. Blue means pure (referring to the ingredients) and gold to the history of winning medals around the world (including here in NZ amongst it’s 40 accolades) and is voted inside the top ten most popular beers in the world.

In comparison to some of the ‘bigger’ names such as Heineken (which has a direct lineage) Tiger would offer better value for money, and in my view, satisfaction. Go out and try it for yourself.


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