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Silly Sausage…

Today’s sausage and bread combo comes to you thanks to the Ohoka School Fair yesterday. Again, due to looking after the kids at the time, I was not involved in the decision-making process however Katie did get all the ingredients right, but this test, as with the last one, will only cover all things with the presentation and taste itself as I did not see the facilities in which it was prepared.

In looking at the delicacy I have to admit I was salivating the prospect in wrapping my laughing gear around it. It looked stunning wrapped in its plain white bread and serviette. However how it looked and how it tasted didn’t match up. Again in looking for profit the sausage was a poor excuse of a bulk-come-el cheapo variety which didn’t actually taste bad, as it had no distinguishable taste at all!

The sauce and the partly cooked onions (exactly as I love them) were great however but I may as well have asked for an onion and sauce sammie. The cost was $1.50 which is where the NZ standard fund-raiser comes in at nowadays so I cannot really complain but it seems gone are the days where a single coin could be given for such a simple treat. Not one to shit on a good cause, the overall experience was better than my last one, but in all fairness this one only scores a 2.5 out of 5.

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