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Bureacracy Gone Crazy…and I thought it only happened in NZ!

OK, I have a lot to rant about tonight, but this one has got my blood boiling, and it isn’t even here in NZ…

I watched the News tonight (3 News, TV1 just doesn’t come close in my view) and they had an article about the smoking ban in New York…the city that best symbolises freedom. Tomorrow (their time I s’pose) they are implementing a new law that bans smoking outdoors if it is considered a public place. There are many obvious faults to this, and while I won’t touch on all of them, I will point out what I see as the obvious ones;

  • What determines a ‘public place’? If there are people other than you, does this mean you cannot light up? And if you have a party at home, and people come round, does this mean your house is now ‘public”. It’s a load of bullocks. First they banned smoking inside work places and other indoor areas – this I don’t see a real issue with, seems fair and reasonable, but to banish smokers to the far reaches of the known land is beyond comprehension surely?
  • New York has a population of about 20 million which own about 10 million cars. It has three airports servicing it transporting 110 million passengers a year. There are 6500 buses and another 6500 subway cars, as well as 13500 taxis to transport people around. They also produce roughly 12000 tons of rubbish annually…and they are worried about the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke??? Come on people!!!!
  • If smoking is that bad (which it is, but then what isn’t?) why isn’t it classed as a Class 1, or even 2 drug??? I’m ex-Navy, a night in Bangkok or Surabaya held more risk than a lifetime of smoking…but does anyone look at banning what goes on in those seedy places? Cars claim more lives in NZ (directly or otherwise) than smokes do…shall we all start walking to work from now on?

Yep, that's where we're headed...


OK, there it is…now I admit, I’m a smoker, by choice or otherwise,  but I’m allowed a vice or two. I pay taxes, I work for a living, I vote for a (underperforming) government, and I bloody well like it. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to dictate my choices to me, or my fellow tokers. I can safely say that if I didn’t smoke, I would just as strong about this…it’s just nuts.


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2 thoughts on “Bureacracy Gone Crazy…and I thought it only happened in NZ!

  1. A smoke free area of a public place is like the non-peeing section of a swimming pool.

    …and you should save money, it’s great for your health. 😉

  2. Jase Mantis on said:

    Agreed. Madness. There has been talk recently over here about the introduction of a ‘smoking card’ which dictates how many you can buy in a day and at what price, depending on which of the 3 catergories you fall into. The more you buy, the more expensive the duhries, ridiculous. I haven’t smoked for almost 12 months now, but hang out with smokers a bit and what’s the fucking issue? Who is invading whos space… Anybody?

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