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Baked Beans or Spaghetti?

In the tradition of Ford vs. Holden, and National vs. McGillilicuddly Serious Party, here is the latest war of words…

Baked Beans are considered the staple ingredient of the “English Breakfast”, and it was in fact the English who first sold the concept of tinned beans in tomato sauce. Prior to this, the Americans had tried the concept of tinned beans and pork dating back to the Civil War. Today in parts of America they are served with the likes of molasses or maple syrup…yeak, ok.

Bynote: Flatulence -Baked beans are known on occasion to cause a considerable increase in flatulence following consumption; this is due to the fermentation of polysaccharides (specifically oligosaccharides) by gut flora, specifically Methanobrevibacter smithii. The oligosaccharides pass through the upper intestine largely unchanged, and when they reach the lower intestine, bacteria feed on them, producing copious amounts of flatus. This condition is the basis for the children’s song, “Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit”.

Spaghetti, the tinned variety, now I couldn’t really find any history on tinned spaghetti, but here are some fun facts to chew over…

  • There are 16 metres of spaghetti in a 420g can of Spaghetti in tomato sauce. That’s the height of nine average adults standing on each other’s shoulders!
  • Wattie’s harvests around 35,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year. That’ll fill a rugby field to a height of 5 metres up the goal posts!
  • Kiwis eat 336 million metres of spaghetti a year. That’s like 80 return trips across the Tasman!
  • New Zealanders eat 21 million cans of spaghetti a year. That’s more spaghetti in tomato sauce per person than any other country.22 million cans of Baked Beans are consumed by Kiwis…

Me? I’m a fan of both, but it depends on what I am having with it…I love Baked Beans and poached eggs with bacon, but Spaghetti with poached eggs and sausages. Spaghetti in toasted sammies, Baked Beans on toast…

Katie won’t eat Spaghetti, Dee won’t eat Baked Beans, but then both of them are high-maintenance…Renee eats both, good girl!



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One thought on “Baked Beans or Spaghetti?

  1. Jase Mantis on said:

    Spag all the way – I challenge you to add a 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of curry powder with your next serving on toast… It’s a killer rush!

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