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A Bite To Eat…Fox & Ferret Riccarton


On Friday Renee and I caught up with Katie, working in Riccarton, and went to lunch – after the Westfield debacle the week before, I said I just felt like a good ole fashioned pub meal – we went into Fox & Ferret.

The view from above - we sat up here

We have eaten here once before, a couple of years ago when we were down here trying to buy a house, and in fact back then had eaten in both Fox & Ferrets (the other is in the Palms, Shirley). The interior of this establishment is stereotypically English, with a roaring fire which gives a great ambience to the place on a cold day. It was packed, although talking was not an issue as it was not overwhelming. I went to fetch us some menus and for the second meal in a row (it happened at Kim Wah) I was asked by a patron if I could assist…do I look like a waiter? Maybe I missed my calling…

Due to time we ordered from the “express lunch” – fish and chips for me and Katie and chicken nibbles for Renee. It did take some time, but considering the patronage in there, understandable. Nicely presented, the fish and chips (with a very nice tartare sauce I might add) was very nice. The fish was succulent which is normally the fare that suffers most in pub meals. Renee’s meal was just as nice – being a kids menu I figured her chicken was going to resemble, in looks and taste, McNuggets – how wrong was I? There were three on the plate with steak fries (and t-sauce and an obligatory salad she was never going to eat) and I have to say, her meal was not only nicer, it was better value!

I washed mine down with a couple of ice-cold Becks which is perfect with fish and chips. Katie had an orange juice (something mundane about working, ended up being sculled by Renee anyway) – the whole meal was $54. Personally I think $12 for a piece of fish and some chips is a bit rich considering I can get a dozen fish bites, 2 scoops of chips and 2 x Cheeseburgers from the best fish and chip shop in Canterbury for $15. However, wrapped in newsprint and served on a plate does change things, but that much? Shame as their main courses offer better value for money, but we just didn’t have the time.

No reference, just thought this was funny...

Setting: 3.5 out of 5

Staff: 4 out of 5

Food: 4 out of 5

Value: 3.0 out of 5

Overall Score: 3.6 out of 5


Fox & Ferret Riccarton, Rotherham St, Westfield Mall

03-3486677, Functions 0800-Function


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One thought on “A Bite To Eat…Fox & Ferret Riccarton

  1. sachin on said:

    Hmmm Staff 4 out 5??? Is that score higher because you “helped” out?

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