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Oh, p-ss off!!!

OK, maybe I am a little relaxed in my vocabulary, but this is f–ken stupid! Who the f–k would be hypnotised by some f–ked up goggle-wearing sex-mad psych to tell me I have bl–dy bad language?? And you really think I am such a stupid c–t to pay that f–ken much of my hard-earned f–ken money for some new-f–ken-age bullsh-t?!? Get f–ked! This was a tweet sent to me by a follower of one of my Twitter accounts…sorry, but it’ll take an All Black victory in the WC before I take up this brokeback therapy! (Think I’m safe?).

Stop cursing / swearing with the help of hypnosis

Have you tried to stop cursing in the past but failed? Is there a pressing reason why you need to stop cursing now? Maybe you need to curse less because you are around children or work in some professional capacity and wish to be taken seriously.

Just about everyone curses now and then. Cursing tells others that something is very important to us. It expresses how much something matters to you and is used as a natural release if you stub your toe or drop a cup of coffee.

Used occasionally, cursing is an attention getter

Cursing occasionally has shock value because if it’s something you don’t usually do then it focuses people’s attention.

But if it’s something you always do then it loses its power to grab attention from others and marks you out as someone who is either challenged in their communication skills or just plain lazy.

If your conversation is littered with curses then you have ‘de-valued’ cursing. It has lost its power.

Cursing can become automatic

Cursing and swearing can feel almost as if they happen by themselves. Before you know it you’ve cursed again. It can seem involuntary – as if it’s beyond your control. Cursing can become instinctive which is why it can be helped through hypnosis. Because hypnosis deals with instinctive processes then you can find yourself cursing less

Source; (shoulkd you be so inclined!)


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