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Friday Drinks – Heineken…

OK it has taken me ages to add this one to the list, I was caught up in that whole “buy Red n Black” thing there for a while, and while the beers reviewed during those dark times following February 22 were very nice indeed, this beer it must be said would rate as one of the finest in the world. For me, alongside Asahi, Holsten, Burtons, and Stella, it would be one of my personal treats. Ranfurly comes close in after that (Ha! kidding, just checking if you did in fact read this! There is a test later).

Few beers conjure up immediate thoughts as easily as Heineken, and fewer in my mind taste as good –  the only thing stopping me from buying it more often is the price.

Hold me baaaaack!

It is a Dutch pale lager (or pilsner if you will) which has been brewed for nearly 150 years and is now brewed in 39 countries around the world (you’d think that would bring the price down?); in 2006, 251million litres was produced (“Can I have a packet of crisps with that? I might also need a ride home”).

I cannot think of a time where drinking “Heinies” didn’t fit a situation, meal, or climate, it’s that good. I cannot really say much more than that, except make it cheaper!

It wouldn't be a beer review without the obligatory girl now would it?


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