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Easy Rider – Boss Hoss

Just like a Rocket III, only BIGGER!

The concept of putting a V8 into a bike is not a new one, but Boss Hoss, out of the States would be the best and most successful at doing so on a commercial basis. I have never ridden one of these but have been up close and personal to a few, and they are awesome in their ugliness. Here in NZ we would know them best for the fact that they use the 5.0l  and 5.7 GenIII V8s  from the Commodore (although strictly speaking, the US versions). Here is the blurb from the NZ distributer…


OK, is there a height requirement to go on this ride?

The BOSS HOSS is an American made motorcycle powered by a small block Chevy 350 V8 or 502 Big Block V8 engine. This high performance, well engineered motorcycle has a total weight of 1100 to 1300 lbs. A balanced, low center of gravity design makes the Boss Hoss a dream to ride whether cruising around town or touring the country.


Nice arse!

The BOSS HOSS has a specially designed, fully automatic transmission shifted manually from a standard motorcycle style shifter. Just push down on the shifter to engage the transmission from neutral to first, then at the desired rpm and speed push it down again for overdrive. In overdrive the engine will turn a pleasant 2300 rpm at 70 miles per hour which generates 30 miles per gallon and a range of more than 300 miles. Reverse is engaged from neutral position by lifting up on the peddle and simultaneously holding a button in, located on the left handle bar just below the left turn signal switch. Reverse is powered by the engine and is specially designed to engage smoothly and be very controllable for a rider friendly feature.

A RIDE LIKE NO OTHER (quoted from



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