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Bitch Session – Westfield Vouchers…

Today I was in town and felt like getting a spot of Indian in Riccarton Mall, and to pay I thought I would use a Westfield Voucher I had…but no, that would seem to logical and straightforward…so following is the email I sent to Westfield as a result of my lunch.

Good Afternoon
This message comes in the form of a complaint regarding the value and legality of your Westfield Vouchers…it seems that they are as worthless as the Zimbabwean Dollar as we were unable to use a $50 voucher in Riccarton to pay for some lunch…the excuse was that they are not able to give more than $5 in change…I’m sorry, but if I gave him a $50 dollar bill would I get the same answer? Lucky I actually (though often not) had money in my account to pay, but some people who would use the vouchers as a real treat for themselves are going to be mightily pissed off, not to mention being embarrassed. What is the point in having them if not they are not considered “legal tender” within your own stores? Someone paid you good money to get them, yet we cannot utilise them for the purpose they were intended?

That’s like Airbus telling QANTAS that the new 380 is only a plane in looks and concept – it doesn’t actually fly anywhere!
Either Westfield pull them off the market, or make a directive to their staff and stall holders that they must be accepted on face value otherwise I would consider it a breach of the Fair Trading Act as they cannot be used as they are advertised.
At the risk of receiving a ‘generic’ PR-response from some pimply-faced Marketing or HR Graduate who has spent the better part of their life in a book learning theory rather than experiencing real life as we who work for a living do, so please do not feel obliged to reply at all to this. Word of mouth will spread so much quicker than any amicable solution that you can come up with.
With Regards, Keith.


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3 thoughts on “Bitch Session – Westfield Vouchers…

  1. Keith Eleftheriou on said:

    Dear Keith
    We acknowledge receipt of your email to the Westfield Website.
    Westfield Gift Vouchers have a face value of the stated voucher amount and are accepted by participating retailers for the purchase of goods to that value. If the value of purchase is less the retailer is obliged to provide change.
    In the event the retailer chooses not to provide change for an amount of more than $5 then they are to ask the customer to visit the customer services desk where we can exchange the larger denomination voucher for smaller denominations.
    We will provide a reminder to the Riccarton Centre Management team to ensure they communicate a reminder of the policy and obligations in accepting Gift Vouchers.
    We apologise that the experience on this occasion to the centre was less than satisfactory.
    Moana Tomoare
    National Gift Voucher Administrator¬¬ | Westfield (NZ) Ltd
    Level 2, Office Tower, 277 Broadway 1023 | PO Box 109 280, Newmarket 1149
    DDI: +64 9 978 4913 | Fax: +64 9 978 5070 | Email:

  2. Keith Eleftheriou on said:

    Hi Moana
    Thanks for your reply, but I don’t think that is good enough – the voucher has been paid for and is to be spent in the Mall, as the holder sees fit surely??? And those who do hold businesses in the mall should be accepting the voucher…why should it be the decision of the individual stall holders whether they hand over change or not – do they not get the monetary value back from Westfield? They must do if they accept it in the first place…
    If you came out with a card similar to Warehouse and Mitre 10 (of which we have) and the balance was kept on that card I wouldn’t see a problem with it, but to expect us, paying customers who get takeout as it suits an already busy work schedule, to traipse around your malls looking for someone (be it Information or otherwise) who will accept them or ‘break them” is abhorrent.
    I’m sorry, but what may seem a seemingly trivial matter to you is just another example of the bullocks we have to deal with in an already degenerative society.

  3. Keith Eleftheriou on said:

    Hi Keith
    Thank you for your reply.
    We are working towards the introduction of a gift card which we believe will address the concerns you have raised.
    Moana Tomoare

    – its like talking to an automated service! –

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