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Classic Comedy Moments – Australia – The Movie

Even the cow is leaving...

Last night me and Katie finally got to watch the Baz Lurhman epic Australia which had been on MySky for months…well in short, that’s three hours I will never get back! I have seen Gridiron games finish quicker and have more of a storyline…if it wasn’t for the fact that Nicole Kidman as usual looked so gorgeous, I might never have got through it (is it me or did she come across very Zellweger-esque in this movie?). In saying that, what is it with the human psyche that makes us sit through something we know we don’t want to, like watching a train wreck, or someone crushing his gonads on AFV?

No sorry Baz, it was a farce, but did provide some of the laughs, although I doubt they were laughs you weren’t looking for. At least they got the impression across to their American audience that we are in fact classy, well-rounded and well-educated folk Down Under, who like a ‘tipple’ now and then…well, the Aborigines certainly came across very well, not sure about the ‘other’ Aussies!

The biggest joke out of Australia since the 2010-11 Australian Cricket Team.


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