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Vegemite or Marmite?

The Great Pretender

In the traditions of “Ford or Holden”, “Big Mac or Quarter Pounder”, or “Clarke or Goff (who’s the bigger man?)” comes an age-old rivalry, one that exists in my home and comes to the surface every morning at brekky.

There are multiple angles to this, and funnily enough for me growing up it had nothing to do with taste but origins – Marmite was a product from both the UK and NZ (NZ’s less bitter than UK) and imported into Australia. Australia then looked to produce its own (originally using extract from the Carlton & United Brewery) and it has become an Aussie institution since.

Well why not indeed!?

The other argument which carries more weight here in NZ is the taste – you either like one or the other even though most of us were brought up on both. A lot of antagonists claim you cannot tell the difference and multiple tests have been run for this, but for those firmly on one or the other camp you can – I am a Vegemite eater and while I demand having it in the cupboard (Katie and Deanna are Marmities) I will lower myself to have Marmite if I have run out (albeit not for long!). I will also make Deanna toast and sandwiches with Vegemite as to make a point that her choice is simply in the mind.

I will run a poll after the current one about what is most popular…


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3 thoughts on “Vegemite or Marmite?

  1. Jase Mantis on said:

    Proud to say our entire family are all happy little vegemites. Although, and I don’t want to throw a spanner in the works, we have Bovril sitting in the cupboard which we (I) occasionally crave.

    • Keith Eleftheriou on said:

      Bovril…I know of it but never had it…did you have a spon dissolved in warm water? Glad to hear you’re one of us…

  2. Jase Mantis on said:

    Give it a crack… Bovril in boiling water with a bit of salt n pepper… Tasty. Or lob a bit into casseroles or spag bol… Never been game to try it on toast as I imagine it would be like marmite on roids… Highish gag factor.

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