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“Good on ya, Mate…”

Arrows mark beer already bought down…

At the request of Speights, here is the other side of the story of my entry into the Red Zone…

We were allowed to enter the Price Waterhouse Coopers Building (PWC) in Armargh St – we had an hour and a half to recover as much as we could from the 13th floor except for furniture should it block the stairwells in the case of needing to evacuate. So after I had filled my bag with the stuff off my desk, and some more, I helped some of the others with their gear, but we sort of found ourselves pretty much done after about 50mins…shame, I could easily have taken a couple of the big screen TVs that were on the walls, but if they didn’t fit into the wheelie bins provided, no go.

So, moving to the booze cupboard, I packed up all the beer and wine I could, as well as taking it all from the fridges and boxing it up. All counted, there were 14 dozen Speights Gold, two doz Speights Summit, and a dozen each of Sol (yuck) and Steinlager Pure (yum).

Part of the booty, in the boot...

As we were only allowed to go down the stairs one at a time, and the next couldn’t until that one returned, it seemed we were going to struggle to get all the gear we had salvaged, and the beer/wine down in time – and the USAR guys came to the rescue. We had five of them with us, and each volunteered to carry some down with them, and as we trooped down the stairs (a couple of us had already taken down four dozen) the rest, and the wine/bubbles went down in one hit. We were cheered onto the street by those from other floors as they realised what we had rescued.

The photos don’t quite show it, but here they are as best as I recorded..

Unfortunately it found its way to our new work...not that it lasts long!


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