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All in a day’s work…the BMW

1000cc, 100hp, five speed shaft drive.

I was working on a used car yard which at the time was still transitioning from its day of selling motorbikes so we had some bikes in stock to sell. One such bike was a BMW K1, which while not my choice of ride was quite a nice bike. We had it for sale for about $17K from memory when we got a seller for it…and it went something like this;

My manager was Mike, a smooth fella who had worked on new car franchise yards for years, and if anyone could wax more lyrical than me, it was Mike.

Now I cannot remember who the salesman who got these customers was (I still maintain it was Jean-Marc, he doesn’t remember it) but a couple of Asian men and a younger man came in showing a definite interest in the bike. As is usual for Asians, no test drive, no checks, just best price and Mike got involved very early on. I don’t know if they knew it, but Mike was having fun, mostly at their expense (“BMW, stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers”), but within hours, he had sold them the bike, paid for by Gold Card.

Obviously photo-shopped - no one likes BMW riders...

Now this is where it got interesting…remember the young lad with them? He barely stood to my shoulder and he was the one riding it home! Without a word, he got his helmet out of the car, climbed onto the bike (with help, his feet could barely touch the ground!!!) and he put it into gear and rode out the yard…straight across four lanes of Gt North Rd and down the hill on the other side – all without stopping! Note – insurances and licenses are not required for cash deals…

Mike turned to the man who happened to be the young lad’s father and asked “How far does he have to go?”, the gentleman replied “Glenfield”…that was a ride of about 20km over the Harbour Bridge…Mike turned to the salesman who sold it and whispered “Get that credit card slip down to the bank…NOW!”


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