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Friday Drinks…Stoke Amber

Ok, so it’s Thursday, but being a short week, and tomorrow a (supposed) religious holiday no-one can accuse me of insensitivity so I thought I would release Friday Drinks on a Thursday…now I happened onto this beer at the recommendation of a mate of mine who had been to the Beer-fest in Auckland (in fact had done so the last five years, but that’s probably another story) and I cannot quite remember which one he recommended but this is the one of three in the bottlie that seemed to be the pick…but not really, it doesn’t sit well with me which leads to a gripe I have about it as well.

So, the three on offer were this one, a lager (Gold) and a dark (funnily called Dark) – this one reads along the lines of “striking red amber hue with a sweet and slightly woody character on the nose, balanced by our fruity hop aroma. Savour a generous mouthful of that sumptuous malty body and smooth honey tones with a wee zesty hop nipping at its heels. Best with lamb, beef, veal or roasted pork”. Possibly so and I expected a draught-like beer but was hit with a stout-type, something I thought would’ve been akin to the darker beer on offer. Nope, didn’t really like it at all and felt the representation on the box didn’t fit the bill.

I did have one the following night and it went down a little better, but after the second or third it just became too strong – I have admitted I don’t like a stronger, maltier beer, and this one fits that character. A mate I shared them with did like it, but his tastes are more suited to it unlike mine which are better equipped to ales, lagers and pils.

I look forward to trying their lager next time round, and am sure it will get a better review than this one. I’d be interested to know what others think of this one, but with lamb and pork? No, but stronger meats such as beef and veal definitely.


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2 thoughts on “Friday Drinks…Stoke Amber

  1. sachin on said:

    I actually recommended the Stoke Smokey Ale.

  2. Keith Eleftheriou on said:

    Yes, I know, but I wouldn’t have considered it at all if it weren’t for your recommendation – if they make one good one, it makes sense that another should be – I actually couldn’t remember what the type was, except you mentioned “smokey”, well this one mentions ‘smokey’ in it’s description.

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