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The new Commodore…

I had been asked to work at a Holden dealership by a mate I used to work with at Honda, so on agreeing to terms he told me to swing by the yard sometime to pick up my new ‘driver’. It was on the Friday before I was due to work on the Monday when I picked up the car, a brand spanking new Holden Berlina VX in silver…nice enough car for sure.

At this time I was just teaching my ex’s girl Hayley how to drive in readiness for her license and once I got home I got her into the car and we headed out the back streets of Avondale to give her some miles. We pulled into a cul-de-sac and she went to turn around the end but misjudged the turn and before I could grab the hand brake she drove it into a tree!!

Bad day at the office...or at least on the way!


So, in short, I turned up to work on the Monday with a brand new company car with a dent in the front guard…embarrassing to say the least. At least the worst of them wait until their first day before dinging the car…I did it two days before starting!


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