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Friday Drinks…Sol


The Sol in Mardi Gras guise…

This is by no means a drink I have often, if at all, but I happened to have a few sitting in the fridge as the result of party leftovers, and today I felt like having one. Previous experiences with it have been in Ponsonby bars, or drinking with “noters”, and always with a slice of lemon or lime shoved down the neck…now I know why. As a real bloke, I don’t normally carry spare citrus in my house so had a couple of these without the additive and while they taste OK, they hardly send the DT’s running for the hills, or the taste buds racing. Watery would be the worst thing I could say and while I don’t consider myself to have one of the finer palettes about, I figure that most who drink this just want to be noticed and considered classy…all I say to you is harden up and drink a real beer! And only women, stereotyped mincers, and middle-aged men on singles cruises have any sort of fruit in their alcoholic beverage. And at that price? Just like Lexus…cool name, big tag, but ultimately disappointing.

Nah, not for me, unless there was nothing else in the fridge.


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