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The Ultimate Toy?

>In a magazine today while having a coffee and muffin, I came across what could be the ultimate boy’s toy…a 1/6 scale Challenger 2 tank…now 1/6th means that the original, 63 tonne, 8 1/2 metre long (not including barrel) is 6 times larger…god, that sounds like fun!!!

So this tank, at 90kg,  and over four foot long is fully remote controlled and has speakers to replicate the actual sounds, a smoke generator to puff diesel smoke on start up and under load, and can fire single pyro shots as well as 9mm with recoil…hell, this is nothing like the model kits I have made!

These are made to order (as it has multiple accessories such as additional armour, smoke control units, power sources) and can be painted in any scheme desired, although I would guess Shocking Pink and Lime Green are probably not allowed.

When I found out about these, they were available in the UK and start at 4100 Pounds…hmmmm, worth considering?

1/6 Challenger 2

As an aside, some years ago when at the height of my ship building prowess, I considered building a full RC 1/200 Yamato, and with a 6-channel control unit would look at working turrets as well as movement…this may have sparked this project again, so watch this space.


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