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Nice Wheels…

>I was having a coffee in Coffee Culture, Rangiora today and read a Top Gear magazine that was left on the table. It had a cool article about the new McLaren MP4-12C and a teaser of the new Lambo Aventador (yay!) but one story about one car was what got my attention as I slurped my trim flat white, and munched on my Spinach/Feta Muffin…the Fisker Karma.

This was first mooted about three years ago as a concept that they intended to build, well it appears they have done it, and what a car it looks to be;

  • 2.0 turbocharged Ecotec motor
  • Top speed 200km/hr
  • 0-100 in 5.8s

OK, this may not have you rushing out the door to sell your Gallardo or Enzo,  but it’s the little things that make this car cool (did I mention it was quite sexy?).
It has two electric motors producing 200bhp each, coupled with the 2l petrol which lets it use less fuel than a cold water fish. The claimed figures are about 2.5l/100km!! In fact, they say if it were used for only 50km per day, you would only need to fill it up annually!!

Bit much like a Toyota, but ain’t one though,

And as an aside, it has a “Stealth” mode…cool.

On top of the roof (which includes the up and coming convertible) it has solar panels which help charge the batteries as well, but more for the climate control system. And the company are offering solar panels for the garage so you can take the car off the grid.

Now I’m no greenie, far from it, I have two cars in my garage that have the carbon footprint of the entire QANTAS air fleet, but I do have a soft spot for mindless waste of natural resources and animal life, and if I won this week’s Lotto here in NZ, this would be one of the top ten cars I think I would buy (hey, I’m still a bloke!).

Curious to see if anyone of NZ’s ‘clean, green’ wankers actually buys one…shit, they’ll be the next Parliamentary purchases no doubt!

Nice try mate…not quite an Italian…yet.

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