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Comic History Lesson – Kingpin


From those Farrelly boys who brought you “Something About Mary” and Dumb and Dumber”, this lesser known comedy classic rates as one of my favourite all time movies. Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, (fantastic) Bill Murray and the hottie Vanessa Angel.

The plot goes something like this…Munson (Harrelson) is a washed up bowling champ who needs money quick…he finds a natural player in Ishmael (Quaid) who is Armish and after some negotiation gets him to play in championship where $1M is up for grabs. But standing in his way is McCracken (Murray) who was his nemesis in the early days. Without going too much into it, they both end up playing against each other in the grand final.
In the traditions of the Farrelly’s (pretenders to the spoof crown) the movie is full with innuendo and crass mock ups, some stomach churning. The two links I have selected show off the Farrelly style best…
Ishmael learns about the ‘outside world’
I recommend getting this movie out, but keep the kids away. You will come away laughing, grossed out, and always referring to the ‘v’ when it comes to sex! Watch out for the beer firdge scene, and Bill Murray’s interview…priceless.

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