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Fear; reality vs. perceived

>Today I will be entering the Red Zone and with some colleagues we will go back into our building, the Price Waterhouse Coppers Building, 13th Floor.

Some people have reservations about this, and that’s fair enough as it won’t be entirely pleasant, but it is only by choice to go in, and for me it is a mix of morbid curiosity as well as recovering some items still (hopefully) on my desk. I am not in there to face any fears, extinguish any demons, or any other ‘spiritual’ need, it’s just that I have to.

One of  my colleagues, who it would be fair to say had a particularly bad experience up there on the day posted on Facebook about making a decision to go up or not. You can imagine everybody has and had a say about it, some reasonable I suppose, some downright tacky and tack-less. I threw in my five cents worth of course, I cannot shut my mouth sometimes, but one particular response on the post got me thinking quote unquote;

 I’m with K*** on this, there is nothing that important. CTV and PGG buildings were green stickered as well. There is no way I’m going back in there.

Now I may be wrong here, but since when did a green sticker determine a building’s ability to withstand an earthquake??? This twat has compared apples and pork chops; to insinuate that PGG and CTV collapsed because they were incorrectly stickered is ludicrous and the knee jerk reaction to put fear into another. The colour of the sticker is there to advise safety and suitability for people to enter and work within the building only; earthquakes and other natural disasters withstanding of course.

Warning – Green Sticker capable of giving
extremely painful paper cuts!!

If something were to happen while up there, so be it, that’s just life…I could as easily be hit by a falling koala as I step out onto the footpath later on, or choke on the smoke I have once back outside..;.shit happens, no point in wrapping yourself up in cotton wool.

On my return I will possibly post again, this may well be down to how the experience affects me.

Just for the record, this is in no way meant to point out idiots of nature, they do that well enough themselves, but to make a point – this is only my view and I respect other’s, but there is a logic to thinking and portraying one’s thoughts suitably.


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