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Comic History Lesson – The Far Side


Entrance exam for politics
Last week I showcased Calvin & Hobbes – equally as good and an equal favourite of mine is the wacky and demented world (or worlds) of Gary Larson.
Who at one point or another has sat in a library, had the desktop calendar, or been in a book store (not Whitcoulls I guess anymore) flicking through a few pages of these classics and had either a) a good old laugh, and/or b) not quite understood it?
Larson is the genius behind the double-entendre, the “what we’re thinking but won’t say”, the absurdly ludicrous…pure and utter brilliance! He would be the cartoon equivalent of Zucker, Zucker and Abrahams.

Here is just a snippet – go out and treat yourself a couple of albums of his work instead of sitting in front of the goggle box one night. You won’t regret it.


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