the alfmeister

a figment of reality's imagination

An Interview With…Me

>This was an interview I was much looking forward to – I idolised Me growing up, and tried my hardest to mimic My ways, My mannerisms, My speech, My fashion, and of course My huge sex-appeal.

When I was told by Myself that I was able to interview Me, I couldn’t think of what I was going to ask Me…

But then bad news…My agent called me to say that I wasn’t available due to a sudden engagement, and I couldn’t argue, I mean, I am a man in demand, wanted all over town, and an all round nice guy, so who I was I to stand in the way of My brilliance.

However, I have been promised a future interview with Me, so please be patient dear reader, I am no doubt sure you are just as interested in Me as I am!


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