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Book Review…Minstrels in the Gallery – A History of Jethro Tull


The incomparable Ian Anderson – this book is more
on him than anything, but then that’s who Tull are.

You’re either a Tull fan or not is how it goes…well, I am however I wouldn’t say I own every album or book released like the fans portrayed in this book, but have a couple of CDs nevertheless. Being a fan specifically of Mick Abraham and Martin Barre, knowing and listening to Tull in the eighties as a teen was more an “in your face” at people who were more intent on Spandau Ballet or Flock Of Seagulls et al…

But they are a great band, of that there is not doubt but it will not suit everyone, however I bet nearly everyone will recognise (and rock to) the big hits such as Locomotive Breath, Thick as a Brick, and of course Aqualung.

But for someone interested in knowing more about the enigma that is Tull, more so Ian Anderson, listening to their music might be more informative than reading this book; this might be better suited to a die-hard fan as an appendix to almost everything they did. But in saying that, it had some great insights into the band and the man but came across too much as a resource book than a biography.

Unfortunately the photo section was lacking in anything eye catching considering some of the stories mentioned in the book not to mention they have toured almost annually since the 70s, and the discography and complete tour dates consolidated my belief this is a reference book.

Worth a read for some of the background, but not really a source of a great story considering it is on one of the great Heavy Rock/Folk bands going round.

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