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All in a day’s work…

>The hell test drive…

A older friend of mine asked if I would look after her niece who was after a new (used) car. No worries, I had the car she was after, a Honda Integra V-Tec manual.

So anyway she fronted up as agreed, and she was a hottie! I don’t mind saying it, I mean I was a salesman, and I had to act like one! So anyway, we went for a drive in this Integra and headed out to Manukau and the back roads so we could open her up…the car, not the girl!!!

So we head down this steep hill and I told her to get up some pace and see what the car was capable of, which she duly did. After a bit I looked over and saw the needle was pushing 180kph, basically off the clock for a Japanese import and as I turned to the front we came over a rise and fuck me if there wasn’t road works barely 100m ahead of us! She hit the brakes, hard, and the car locked up and we screeched towards this poor young fellow with the lollipop making a hell of a racket and seemingly not slowing down enough. there was a line of cars waiting to get through the works and I was sure I was going to be in the back seat of one, if not more of them. Anyway, to this girl’s credit, she kept on the brake, kept the car straight (thank god for ABS braking!) and we stopped barely a metre behind the last car in the queue. I could see the woman in the car in front looking in the rear view, her eyes like dinner plates!!! The young guy holding the STOP/GO sign was nearly in the ditch on the side of the road…and as I extracted my finger nails from the dash, this almighty cloud of burnt rubber caught up to us and carried on past – you could not see a thing through it!

Needless to say, I drove us back, and all the way the rear tyres were going dadump dadump dadump on the flat spots!

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