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All in a day’s work…

>The Clairvoyant…

I was working at Honda, and while every day was generally fun, we did have some down times and we used to muck about and make it go by with a bit of interest.

The car buyer in this story was Chris, a Pommy with a wicked sense of humour. This lady came in looking to trade her car on something or rather we had and Chris said he would do some homework on her trade-in as she pretty much demanded she wasn’t prepared to let it go for anything less than $8K, but it wasn’t worth anything near that.

Sometime later that afternoon, Chris got most of us into his office to listen in on the phone call he was going to make to her (he showed us her business card which had her as a Spiritualist/Clairvoyant which just seems greedy to me, you’re one or the other). It went something like this…try to imagine her responses…

Chris; Hi, guess who?…No, it’s Chris from Honda but good try…I’m ringing back about your Ford Capri, I’ve got a price for it…yep, well no one really wants it but you knew that. Well if we trade it in on that car, we’ll give you three grand for it…………….you didn’t see that coming did you?

And they say you can always pick a used car salesman?


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