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Book Review…Ride Free Forever – The Harley Davidson Legend


Not the same cover as
I read…

I got this book out to do some homework on the Harley seeing as my mate Rob went out and bought one – although he maintains her bought one for his wife!
Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to grow to appreciate the Harley legend, starting out at the turn of last century in a shed no bigger than a carport and then becoming the largest motorcycle factory in the world within 20 years.
Going through every decade, world wars, depression, and the upheaval in the 60s and 70s with AMF, this book (with grammatical and caption errors left, right and centre) lists all models and achievements in manufacturing and racing for close to the last 100 years (this was published just prior to the centenary).
I have to admit, reading through the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, I have really grown to respect the big ole air compressors (as Rob used to call them) and can picture myself being one of Marlon Brando’s ‘Wild Ones’. I also learnt enough about them to be able to hold a conversation with a Hog owner and recognise a wider range of models…in the past I couldn’t tell a Shovelhead from a Panhead, a Fatboy from a Softail, etc etc…
’47 EL Knucklehead with Springer forks…very nice. Shame about
the twin lamps.
Now I can safely say that the EL Knucklehead is one of the most stunning bikes I have ever seen, and money pending (yeah, right!) I would own one, leaks and all. And coming in behind that, the Fat Boy and Softail…nice.
A good read for anyone wanting to learn about Harleys, or anyone keen on them. Frustrating to read at times, but a great source of technical details, chronology, and photos.



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