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Friday Drinks…Tui


It wasn’t so long ago I considered this one of my top beers…in fact I had 300 stubbies at my wedding, but of late I have found myself only drinking because of its price, not because I like it. Obviously I cannot say it is because of a change in brewing, but is more likely due to a palette that (dare I say it) has become more accustomed to other flavours.

In saying that, Tui’s India Pale Ale is a pretty fine drink, especially on a hot day over the BBQ, and even more so after a game of rugby.I have found in my rugby and cricket teams, you are either a Speights or Tui which is kind of interesting, even down here in Canterbury where non-Red & Black brews don’t get much of a shoe-in.

Tui, a whole ad campaign that centres around bull-shitting and hot chicks (both which we can’t do well) is part of the Kiwi psyche now, although more and more of the ‘Yeah, Right’ ads are becoming desperate.

‘Honestly babe, they’re not hot’…Yeah, Wrong!

For me personally, I find smoking while having Tui makes the after smell and taste seem all that much stronger. Weird.

There was a time where my whole wardrobe was almost fitted out by Tui; hats, jandals (they didn’t last long), rugby jerseys, shorts, you name it. But now only with a duck hunters hat and woolley hat with a pom-pom (which she won’t let me wear in public) it has all moved on.

A very good run of the mill brew, competitively priced to take on Speights with ad girls we can only dream of having (although for the sake of my marriage I will note here that I take no notice of the Tui Girls). Best had with red meats off the BBQ, definitely not a restaurant beer.


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