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>I sit here, ready to write a new post on the state (of city and mind) in Christchurch, only to be sitting in front of Sky News watching the destruction in Japan as they have been hit, first by a 7-8 magnitude quake, and then Tsunamis, and the one hitting Sendai is what we are watching right now.

Not taking anything anything away from what we have gone through, but fuck…we had a quake, we dodged a bullet (this time) by not being hit by a Tsunami…and reports are saying 6 to 10 metres. Not even surfers would take them on!

While we deal with our own pain here, we must send our thoughts to our Pacific friends; Japan, Marshalls, Taiwan…death is a given, an hour to run to higher ground, if you survived the initial quake, seems an impossibility.

Most of you reading this were probably unaware of this, watching Glee or Master Chef, but me and Katie, sitting her watching live pictures, are sickened…watching cars trying to outrun the surge of water, houses wiped out, at speeds you cannot comprehend.

Now, it has been advised that it was in fact an 8.4 – that makes it 13 times larger than September 4, over 20 times larger than what we had here two weeks ago…incomprehensible!

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