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Friday Drinks…South Island Draught & Heritage Draught

>Both of these draughts are from the Harringtons’ stable, the former also known and labelled as SID.

SID; at time of writing, this draught was selling at $14.50/doz, and I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much, however this is actually a very pleasant and easy to drink draught. While draughts have a bit more of a darker taste to them, this one is actually quite light to drink, although the first stubbie tends to bite somewhat. But subsequent bottles go down nicely. And as an odd twist, it accompanies sweet meals well…I happened to have an early Hot Cross Bun, and SID washing it down was very pleasant. Word from the brewer;
A commercial style draught light in mouth feel, sweet overtones accompanied with a biscuit and like flavour and lightly hopped.

Heritage Draught; at time of writing a dozen of these went for $15.50. Very much like SID, this is an easy to drink draught with a biting first bottle and then easier as each follows, however is nice to have to wash down red meats.
The Heritage Range is a series of beer brewed  traditionally, our in-house special, only available from our Christchurch bottlestores.
Heritage Draught is a smooth and clean drinking draught. Distinctive and traditionally styled.

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