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Aussie Slang Interpreted…

>Not that this is something that has recently happened, but I was watching an ad for a new series of Comedy Inc. and a skit had me thinking about this phenomenon.

Bacon Strip; noun (normally plural).What is left on one’s undies after a GBL fart. skid marks.
I guess this means I should explain what GBL is?

GBL Fart; noun, abbreviation: Gambled But Lost Fart. A fart which leaves skid marks on undies.

Now bacon strips can also be applied to a SBD Fart (noun), which is a Silent But Deadly Fart which is normally the reason for the Shit Eating Grin (noun), big smug grin, usually displayed by someone getting away with something.
Not sure if Bacon Strips applies to tourista (noun, sometimes known as Montezuma’s Revenge, Cacamole or Juicy Poops) which is the diarrhoea suffered hy tourists of Mexico (similar to Delhi Belly, noun applying to visitors to the sub-Continent).

All of these will require Taking A Dump, verb (s.a. Choking a Grogan or Having A Crap) which is to defecate (usually in a Bog or Dunny, all nouns), and may result in Klingons (noun a small piece of fecal matter adhering stubbornly to one’s anus/Kazoo/Hershey Highway).

For the unfortunate person who uses the Crapper or Long Drop (both nouns) next they may be faced with a Bowl Clogger (noun the results of a magnificently depleting defecation) or at beast a Bowl Filler (noun not quite as big as the former).

In public toilets you may meet a Stool Pusher or Fudge Packer (both nouns), and your resulting actions are yours to know. Although Kissing Arse (verb) is not to be taken literally…

For your information, some of the slang above has derived from American-Australian roots.

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