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What is wrong with this????

>I was in the Rangiora Warehouse today getting, amongst other things, another torch, some more batteries, another can opener and a transistor radio…now I didn’t get the radio as they had all sold out, but that’s life. Oh, that’s right, I didn’t get the clippers so I could keep my new beard in a tidy-ish state…now before you ask, I don’t care what you think…it is my survival project, I am not that concerned about my looks right now, and even Katie who has had to endure years of Mo-vember, seems to like it. Well, I guess the shake affects people on different ways!

So, while paying for it, there was a lady in the next checkout paying for her stuff…and the girl must’ve said something to her and her reaction was “You’re f–ken kidding right?”. This obviously got my attention and I listened in a bit more intently…and it went something like this, and it’s priceless!!! There might be a little variation on the conversation, but the gist is bang on…

Girl; “Would you like to leave the bike here?”
Woman; “No, I want to buy it for my kid!”
Girl; “Well there was a notice next to the bikes explaining it.”
Woman; “Yeah, but it doesn’t make sense…can’t you see that?!”
Girl; “Well you can take it with you, or leave it here, what do you want to do?”
Woman; “Can you ask me why I would buy it? You have just told me, if I buy this “KITSET” bike, and then  assemble it myself (and here is the punchline) it isn’t covered under warranty?!?!?!?”
Girl; “It was on the sign…”
Woman; “This is f–ken stupid. I’m leaving the bike here….”


“It’s impossible to ride, but my husband says
it’s straight as a die when he brings it home from
the pub!”

And I happen to agree…


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