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Pie in the Sky…

>Yesterday I drove out to Leeston to pick up some paperwork from a customer and as I was out there popped into Hillyers which is apparently famous for its pies…now I have eaten there before however this time I would I would be more objective which is a shame as I should just enjoy the experience, but guessed that if it was all good it would be enjoyable anyway.

The servery in Leeston – quaint

So, my general pick of pies is either a Mince & Cheese, or Cracked Pepper Steak and probably should have gone with these, but one caught my eye; A Steak, Bacon & Double Cheese, sounded very much like me! With it I intended to have my favourite beverage, a Bundy Ginger Beer, but they were out of stock, so ordered a Flat White in a takeout cup (as my fingers never fit in those annoying little handles!).

Now one gripe I have about pies nowadays (and I hope to be proven wrong) is, especially with ‘gourmet’ types, is that you can’t eat it the traditional way anymore as it all falls apart as you make your way through it and the filling gets all over your shirt, or you can’t concentrate on driving – never happens with Big Bens, but lets face it, their pies are not in the same league.

So, with knife and fork in hand, I proceeded to eat my pie…in fact, devoured would be a better word. It was one of the nicest pies I have ever had, and that comes up against Cheviot Tearooms’ pies (although their standard has slipped), Ponsonby Pies (same fate) and the mighty Panaton’s on Victoria Park in Auckland (apologies to those who support Kidd’s, I haven’t got round to trying that yet, but must do now in for the sake of science!).


So, without getting all hoity-toity and trying to explain the mix of tastes and aromas of it (christ sakes, it’s a bloody pie!), this was a fantastic tasting morsel, and a good size too. I got the distinct impression it was relatively fresh, and was nice and hot, not nuclear like those of South Auckland service station fame.

The coffee I must admit was also quite good – it wasn’t burnt and no bitter after taste, however I felt it was quite watery and not as strong as it could have been. Maybe straining through too quick? Not really an aficionado, but I know what I like in a coffee!

Unfortunately at a previous meal there
they were short of cutlery…
The bakery/eatery itself is also very nice, old style wooden floors and comfortable tables and chairs. They also do breakfast/brunch/lunch menu, and seem reasonably priced, so maybe another review coming next time I’m out there.

It was portrayed to me as one of the best pie shops round, and I would have to agree. Recommended to anyone on the area, or even close to the area, it is worth it.

They have multiple sites around CHCH/Canterbury but I couldn’t possibly allow this review to cover all – maybe more field testing required??? How will I ever manage to maintain my Schwarzenegger physique???


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