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The Darkest Side of Disasters…


Do you feel lucky, punk?

As I watch the news and Facebook, Twitter, and reports from all medium, I am disgusted by those who see an opportunity in another’s trauma..I received a tweet about a scam for donations to the Earthquake relief, and at the point of writing this, 6 people have been arrested (how many have been missed?) for looting and theft. As I made my way into the CBD, I have to admit there were plenty of places I could have gone into, cars broken into, people taken advantage of…being an ex-Naval Officer, used car salesman, and sales rep, I can wax lyrical with the best of them. But at no time would I take advantage of another person’s misfortune, steal from a fellow man, and certainly not scam in the middle of a scenario that requires, in fact demands, people to band together. To those who have, and those who are thinking of it, I say this to you; I hope you are strung up by the most painful part of your anatomy in full view of the people of Christchurch, and be deemed to take whatever comes your way. In light of this, the last quake and even the tragedy on the West Coast, the Government needs to take a stand on opportunists such as these and deal with them by public vote.
Vigilante justice, such as portrayed in Dirty Harry will be a real possibility…you deserve what you get and so much more.


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