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Have a Drink On Me…

>Normally I reserve this for my blog Friday Drinks, but in light of the CHCH earthquake, I present some liquid refreshment for those here in Canterbury.

This is two-fold; people will gather, share stories and have a drink, and the two I present here are local beers, all the more poignant as it helps a local industry and provides an escape, a moment, and a time to reflect in the best way we know how.

Last week I critiqued Harrington’s Rogue Hop, a beaut of a Pilsner I had recently has in their bar in Belfast. In popping into the bottle store next door, the Pils was $25/doz, and yet I saw the Heritage ‘series’ at less than $20/doz. I asked the guy what it was “really like”, and he said it was a nice easy brew. So I bought it, and here are my thoughts…

There are generally two types of beer lover – those who love strong malty tastes, and those who don’t. I fit more into the second group, and this lager is definitely one to fit my pallet. This is a silky smooth drop, similar to export Steinlagers, and some imported beers. If you like your Steinlagers and Heinekins, this might not be your cup of tea.

A lot of beer makers try to make themselves more sophisticated in copying wineries in advising the right drink for the right meal…I find it a load of bullocks personally; I love my food, especially strong, spicy and savoury types, and as most beers have a strong malty taste I don’t drink while I eat as it tends to immediately overpower the food taste, this lager is ideal for me as it does not do this. this will not be relevant to a lot of you, but it is also an easy beer to have with a smoke. Some beers foul the taste of cigarettes, and some make the smell of smoke even stronger (Tui is a classic example for me with my Menthols). Not this beauty…

Disclaimer – this beer may not make
you a good singer…or fashion

From Harringtons;
Heritage Lager 4% – Malt Lager
The Heritage Range is a series of beer brewed  traditionally, our in-house special, only available from our Christchurch bottle stores.
Heritage Lager is a smooth and clean drinking lager.

At $15.50 for a 12 pack (at time of print) this is a very good value for money beer, more so than our ‘big boys’ DB and Lion…and being a local brewery it is all the more important that we support Harringtons as they will have been affected by the quakes, and we must support them to continue to operate through these tough times. Where the hell are Speights? Tui? Lion and DB???? Not a skerrick out of them. Support Canterbury, buy local.


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