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Darker Times…

>It is coming up 11:00, and I have just seen on the news that body bags are being readied at the CTV site, barely an hour barely an hour after news broke about a rescue op in Chancery Lane. It is without doubt that we will see more of the “highs and lows” seemingly cancelling each other out over the coming days and weeks.
And sometime today we are expecting to have the first list of released names of those who have been confirmed dead…this will be a distressing time to not just us down here, but those around the country and the world. I am dreading this list as it really puts a finality, a personality, a conclusion to what up till now has still seemed a bad dream, a bad dream that has shaken us to the core.
Me and Katie continue to rack our brains over who should we be contacting, to make sure they are OK, that family are OK, and yet we still know that a name, or more released will hit us like a sledgehammer blow. We are already aware of a father of a child who attends pre-school a with our daughter works in the PGG Building – we chatted with him and his wife at the Xmas Hangi in December. A friend of Deanna’s, her mother’s ex’s mother is still in the CTV site. The term is 6 degrees of separation, down here, I am not kidding when I say as a community, it is considerably less than that.
I am not looking forward to my next post – either I will be mourning the loss of a friend, colleague, or customer, or I will be selfishly happy that I didn’t know anyone on the list, but of course, someone will know someone on that list, and their grief cannot be measured.

All say, “How hard it is that we have to die” – a strange complaint to come from the mouths of people who have had to live. Mark Twain.


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