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Earthquake, 22.02.11

Fuck…what else is there to say? Unless you have been in one you can never appreciate what such a natural disaster can do to you, affect you, affect others. Whether it plays on your psyche is to down to the individual, but I can tell you, when you are in a position of helplessness, unable to see loved ones and family, help people crushed in buildings, hearing reports from people who are far removed, you will never understand it.
When I get the chance, I will post some photos I took of my beloved city, tell my stories, but they will just seem like fiction to most of you; but mark my words, I am a tough minded person and today (as opposed to September 4 ’10 which seems a walk in the park) hit me, and hit me hard.
Thankfully my CHCH family are all OK, my wife safe (albeit freaking) in Wellington, my kids safe at Nana’s. All my animals are safe at home, been fed and seem content. But as I watch footage of the beautiful city I grew up with, seeing the iconic Cathedral destroyed, suddenly my tough exterior seems shaken, cracked, and ready to fall apart like so much here. But we are tough, resilient, and we will get through it. Kia Kaha, Be Strong.


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