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Friday Drinks…Harrington’s Pilsner


A couple of days ago I caught up with a mate for an afternoon drink in the Harrington’s bar in Belfast and smapled their Pilsner – seemed the thing to do as I had commented on Speights’ Pils last week (still means I delay rating two others – and no, I am not biased to Pils). Now playing rugby for Ohoka, we are sponsored by Harrington’s, specifically our own “Swamp Duck” which I am not particulary fond of, but this beer is a fine drink and I highly recommend it to anyone, and is best served (like all beers) on tap as this was, on a hot afternoon.

The official word from Harringtons;
The Rogue Hop 5% – Pilsner2010 Silver Medal Winner – AIBA
Our pilsner is brewed using organic malt and hops. Brewed to the style of a bohemian pilsner with our own “rogue hop” to give it an exciting strong yet lingering hop finish. A great one for a mouth feel challenge with lots of hoppy aftertaste and very refreshing.

If you’re in Christchurch and happen to drive past the pub, pop in and have a taste of this Pils, you won’t be disappointed.


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