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Cold Kiwi – 2007 Pt III

>Some more piccies in the Cold Kiwi saga…showing some of the second day highlights – the Hill Climb and Burn Out competitions.

 Left; Cold Kiwi site.
Right; yet another failure on the hill climb. The local boys are very good at this and usually get up their no sweat on their dirt bikes, and now and again they try out on modified pieces of crap, like Honda CBs, Suzuki GSXRs and the like. After a few drinks you can always be guaranteed some twat will try it on his road bike. One year someone tried on an old Triumph, the year before this it was (successfully!!!) a GS1200.
Below left; the failure in previous photo comes back down the hill. Steep as this one is, there is a track to the right which is even steeper, and not many have a crack at that one.


Above right; the eventual winner of the Burn Out, on a Harley.
Above left; Chris enjoys the clean mountain air.
Above right; pre-Burn Out warm ups.
Above; V-Rod…now I’m not a Harley man, but some things are somewhat sacred…
Next episode, video on the V-Rod burn out, and sausage competition…

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