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Cold Kiwi – 2007 Part II

>Here is the second installment of photos from the ’07 Cold Kiwi…

 Above left; Becky, Tania, Steve, Mel and a communist-looking Brett wish they weren’t as cold as their drinks.
Above right; Roy, Steve and Dane warm their drinks next to the bonfire.
Above left; warm on the outside, cold on the inside.
Above right; Rob in deep thought too early the next morning – obviously didn’t drink enough!
 Above left; Dane and Roy feed their faces while Rob relaxes.
 Above right; The following day we took a ride out to the memorial at the scene of the Tangawai rail disaster, which occurred Xmas Eve 1953 when a flood off the surrounding volcanic plateau washed the bridge out. There is a sad story about a woman who died in this whose fiancee was touring South Africa with the NZ cricket team. After being told about the tragedy, he came out to bat in complete silence in memory of his dead lover.
NZ History – Tangawai rail disasterLeft; me, wrapped up like Nanook Of The North – the water in the river was freezing!!!

Left; from left to right, Dane and me sitting with Mike behind, Roy and Rob sitting, and Brett, right


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