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Friday Drinks…Speights Pilsner


I know this is late, but I was actually unable to post this on time as I was having Friday drinks with the lovely Kathryn and her boyfriend Steve. We met at the Speights Ale House in Ferrymead and I noticed they had a Pilsner so thought I would try it. I was actually going to do the post on another Pils, but as this one sits fresh in my mind the other can wait.
The Speights Pilsner is not a bad drop, and in fact I could not tell the difference between this one and Monteith’s popular Pilsner. Not a slight on either brand, but a plus for those who frequent multiple bars and cannot get one or the other. And the best thing about this one? Served on tap, the way a beer should be.
The official word from Speights;

Speight’s Pilsener originated from recipes of a bygone era in a quest to recreate flavours as true as possible to the original style. Speight’s Pilsener is fermented in kauri gyles – open topped wooden fermentation vats which are lined with beeswax. Only one other brewery in the world is still known to use kauri gyles.

Wait a minute! I didn’t have this service with my beer! No disrespect
to the girl who served me though…

This is an ideal brew to have on a hot afternoon, and for me personally would serve it with platter style foods; cheese and crackers, olives, breads and dips and so forth.
And on the Speights Ale House, I would recommend calling in there, it is a nice establishment (which Ale House isn’t?) and the bar staff were very helpful. I didn’t eat there as I had a booze up to attend, but will pop back in and review it for you at a later date.
4 out of 5 on the beer.


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