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Book Review…Anything But An Autobiography


Richie using a retro
electric razor

This was a book I have passed by a few times in the library, and always meant to go back and get it out, and this time I made myself break away from my war-themed books and read it. Now, like just about everyone else, I am a huge fan of Richie Benaud, I don’t think there is a more knowledgeable and levelled commentator on cricket…well after you reads this book you will get an understanding why.
He is well educated, loves the game he has played and served almost all his life, and like “The Don” before him is one of the true ambassadors of the sport.
It is very good reading, and well documents his life, and more to the point, his cricket, and I was even amazed by the stats and facts thrown up chapter by chapter. It is unfortunate that I have read this now, and not closer to the time it was published as there were some predictions from the great man about Warne, Tendulkar, One Day Cricket and administration, he seems a true prophet.
It lost it’s way slightly at the end, but it takes nothing away from the book at all. It was surprising in his recollections there was no mention of the Underarm Incident, something to which his reaction was just as blunt as NZ Prime Minister Rob Muldoon’s. I also half expected some thoughts on Billy Birmingham, but I guess he doesn’t need to say a thing, it adds more to the mystique of it all.
3 out of 5, but worth more for the insights into his career and stories from the inside. No one tells blow by blow his achievements in the sport other than Mike Batten.


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