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Book Review…Suddenly One Sunday


This is the story of the massacre at Port Arthur in 1996 by Martin Bryant – 36 dead and 21 wounded. Based on eyewitness accounts, it is sometimes graphic, and all the while chilling. The narrative during the start of the shooting at Broad Arrow and especially his murder of a wife and two children will be etched in my memory for recall every time I hear anything related to that day.
It does lose it’s way sometimes in skipping back and forth, and off the subject, but all in all, easy to read and very hard to put down, especially once you get into the two days the story tells of. I read it in three days…
The photos were quite disappointing – not that I was looking for gore or anything, but they seemed to tame and at times irrelevant to the story, and needed to match the mood the story gives.
I recommend this as a pretty definitive description of the horrific day, which is well backed up by Martin’s life in the lead up, and the aftermath.
3.5 out of 5


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