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Ford or Holden?


For those of you outside the Antipodes, this may not mean much, but here Down Under it would be one of the biggest debates going round, and reaches frenzy point every October with the Great Race at Mt Panorama in Bathurst. It blows away any of that rubbish oval track racing that goes on in the States, and as the saying goes, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”. And with sections of the track named “Hell Corner”, “Conrod Straight”, and “The Chase”, you just know it is one heck of a track – I would dearly love to take a bike round it.
Peter Brock – undisputed King of the
Mountain – RIP
Bathurst – second only to the Melbourne Cup
for attention Down Under
For me, it used to be always Holden, but I have mellowed of late to actually have one of each in my stable. I am especially fond of older Fords like the 70s XRs and XTs, XWs and XYs, and XA through XC…but of course, Holden were always there with their classics – Kingswoods, Monaros, Toranas, and ultimately Commodores.
Iconic Kingswood Ute
One of the greatest cars ever – GT-HO
So, the battle rages on, and it can get spiteful, but I think anyone who drives Aussie Muscle is OK in my books.


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